Beginner Guide to Respray Car in Sydney

Do your car need a new paint job, but your budget does not allow you to pay the professionals in Sydney? However, do not feel many unaccompanied individuals face the same problem. There are steps you can take to respray car in Sydney and save your money. Through this guide, we will provide you the tip that you can consider if you are thinking to take this job on as a do-it-yourself task.

Things you need for spraying your car are as follows-

  • a variety of grits of sandpaper
  • Knife and putty for fillings
  •  safety equipment like masks, goggles and protecting clothing
  • A good car wash detergent and brush as well as a wax/grease remover.
  • Coverings to keep the unpainted areas and masking tape to seize these in place
  • primers and paint that is urethane base for the car spray painting
  • paint sprayer

Steps that you need to follow are discussed below-

  • Firstly make sure to wash your car properly so that all debris and grime gets removed. However, if you ignore this thorough cleaning, then these things will be set within your paint job. As a result, this will give you a discouraging look to the finished job.
  • Follow up with the grease or wax remover so that paint you utilise to respray car in Sydney will stick appropriately.
  • Now next, you must take off the rough spots by the method called sanding.  After this gets finished, rinse off any loose sanding from the surface.
  • Now make use of the putty for filling any minor pit marks that are rooted from the stones.
  • Wait for some time until your car gets completely dry before starting spray painting. In the meantime, go ahead for covering the areas that you don’t require to paint with masking tape and paper.
  • Apply the primer, and it’s highly suggested you to don’t miss this step. The primer will provide a better look at the finished project. It assists the paint to adhere correctly and permits even the best finish.
  • After the primer gets dry, lightly sand it down.
  • Finally, it’s time to apply the colour for your car spray painting. Whatever you have selected, aerosol paints or spray gun; the assumptions remain equal. Apply thin coats as these are far better than thick paint. Let the layer gets dry for about 15 minutes and then apply the second coat. 
  • Again allow it dry for about 1 ½ hour. Before you apply your final coat of paint, eliminate any dusty remains with 2000-grit wet-and-dry sandpaper and clean with a clean rag.
  • Now you can apply the clear coat. Permit parched 15 minutes then reapply. You will most likely require about three layers of the clear to obtain an excellent finish.
  • Now you can clean up, stand back and look at the work of genius you have produced.

    With some practice and a systematic mindset, a DIY paint job to respray car in Sydney is attainable. Moreover, you will have the happiness of doing it yourself while saving your money and time.

Published by Camperdown Collision Centre

At the camper down collision center, we provide a variety of car services as well as spray painting, CAR restoration, bumper repair, insurance & smash repairs in Sydney & many more.

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