The various facets checked by the Camperdown smash repairs

Most car accidents will result in damages needing the expertise of an auto body repair shop ranging from minor bumps to high-speed crashes. It is not simple in terms of collision repair. There are minor accidents that would cause auto body damages that are least expensive and time-consuming for the repairs. This is the kind of impact along with the style of the damaged car, both playing a significant role in terms of determining the amount of damage that has occurred. The following are the areas of inspection for the smash repairs Camperdown.

Determining a Total Loss

There are drivers who would be thinking that there is no hope if their insurance company claims the car is being totaled. But, you should be wary off to note that the car being totaled can be repaired. Whether or not an insurance company is declaring a total loss is what the extent of the damage will have very little to do with it. The decision, however, is based on the cost of the collision repair compared to the fair share of the market value of the car instead. The car can be said to be totaled if repairing the auto body damage is costlier than the worth of the car instead.

Structural Damage

One of the most expensive kinds of collision repair is correcting the damage over the frame of the vehicle, as undoing the structural damages is quite not possible here. Before anything else, the knowledgeable auto body repair shop will generally be inspecting the wrecked vehicle for misalignment. The advanced machines are used for pulling the frame back to its original specifications if the car is not meeting the exact measurements of the manufacturer.

Rear-End Collisions
A car that is rear-ended can easily suffer quite damage depending on the speed. After a powerful rear collision, structural damage is not uncommon here. It will also depend on the car when it comes to the amount of damage.

Frontal Impacts

Compared to the rear-end damage, the front-end collision repair is often quite extensive. A head-on collision can easily cause this damage to the front bumper, the hood, the windshield, and the quarter panels at higher speed. The auto body technician might also choose to repair the panels instead of replacing them if the damages are minor ones. The body shop will also have to match the paint color and re-spray every panel before reassembling the car unless the parts are pre-painted.


A car will generally have more auto body damage than the vehicle that is involved in a frontal or rear-end crash while it rolls over. In a rollover, damage to the frame is mainly inevitable. There is a possibility that each of the pieces of the car has suffered at least minor damages here. The decision lies in repairing the vehicle that has rolled over should be done in a careful manner. Additional mechanical work might be required for the extensive damages.

There is an experienced collision repair specialist who should be examining the car for unseen damage, whether the auto body damage appears to be quite minor or major. Accidents will be causing cosmetic damages that are fairly easy to repair along with the frame damage along with the mechanical troubles that are expensive to fix. At times, it is more cost-effective for strapping the vehicle since almost every kind of collision damages can be repaired.

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